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Ledbetter Law Firm Case Results

Ledbetter Law Firm Case Results speak for themselves. Each of these results represents a challenging case successfully concluded.

$6,500,000 verdict in Tennessee for premises guest injured in soft foam gymnastic pit, reduced by 20% fault of plaintiff.

$4,250,000 settlement in Tennessee for premises guest in near drowning; pool was fenced and gate locked; however, maintenance was sporadic.

$3,000,000 settlement of malpractice case involving patient.

$3,000,000 settlement following jury verdict in Arkansas in malpractice case involving Tennessee neurosurgeon.

$3,000,000 settlement of a tractor trailer accident in which clients were rear-ended on I-40 in Arkansas.

$2,400,000 settlement of MVA injuries in PA due to collision in which child sustained neck injuries.

$1,750,000 settlement of Tennessee accident involving an industrial compactor injury.

$1,650,000 settlement of automotive product liability claim involving child burned due to a defective plastic heater core.

$1,650,000 settlement of farm worker accident involving portable auger contact with power line in Arkansas.

$1,500,000 settlement of automotive product liability claim involving school bus and student passenger injured in a rollover.

$1,325,000 settlement of Tennessee federal court case involving Alabama accident of a Mississippi teenager who lost an arm due to a propeller amputation in a boating accident.

$1,185,000 settlement for below-knee amputation in a rice mill grain auger, due to a failure to lock-out its controls during construction on the premises.

$1,025,000 verdict against insurance company for negligent loss prevention services causing amputation injury.

$1,220,000 settlement involving deaths in a fire in Memphis involving product and premises claims.

$1,025,000 settlement of four-wheeled ATV injury of teenager at birthday party injured in accident.

$1,000,000 settlement of MVA injuries of Arkansas client when drowsy driver collided with stopped flatbed trailer truck in post-accident traffic queue in roadway ahead.

$1,060,000 settlement of child death claim in Mississippi due to defective motor vehicle seatback and infant seat for use in car.

$1,000,000 settlement of drug product liability case involving anti-convulsive drug causing paralysis in 35-year old man.

$1,000,000 settlement in Missouri of tractor trailer accident involving mother of two.

$850,000 settlement of railroad accident involving a Tennessee resident killed in Arkansas.

$850,000 settlement of foot injuries suffered due to a fall in Tennessee.

$800,000 settlement of MVA involving family struck by tractor-trailer in Holly Springs, MS at an intersection on Hwy. 78.

$750,000 settlement of three-wheeled ATV accident claim for a man climbing a hill when the vehicle overturned, severing his spinal cord.

$750,000 settlement of railroad accident involving a Tennessee resident injured in Arkansas.

$665,000 settlement for truck driver rear ended by another tractor trailer in Arkansas.

$610,000 settlement of construction worker death during pile-driving accident at Memphis International Airport .

$600,000 settlement for product liability claim involving “park-to-reverse” problem in work truck, causing leg injuries.

$600,000 settlement for driver hit by a news carrier without insurance.

$560,000 settlement of a  anesthesia malpractice claim for a female patient left in a face-down position without oxygen in  the burns unit recovery room in Tennessee.

$560,000 settlement of a neck injury at a bakery in Memphis.

$530,000 settlement of anesthesia malpractice claim for adolescent male patient receiving poor treatment in the PACU in Tennessee

$525,000 settlement of MVA injuries of passenger in wreck in Knoxville, TN.

$500,000 settlement of a claim against a trucker in ARkansas.

$495,000 settlement in Tennessee for hand injury suffered at a cereal factory due to defective engineering in set-up of factory automation.

$480,000 settlement for worker leg injury due to defective controls on a forklift truck in Arkansas.

$450,000 settlement for driver whose vehicle drove off of a subdivision bridge in Tennessee.

$450,000 settlement in death of teenage passenger in a single vehicle MVA in Tennessee.

$450,000 total settlement of claims involving back injury of rail track worker.

$415,000 settlement of automotive product liability case in Mississippi involving defect in cruise control and driver fault.

$410,000 settlement in Tennessee for trucker injured at a plant while walking down an aisle when a bale of scrap material fell on him.

$410,000 settlement for driver injury in motor vehicle product liability case involving a commercial van lacking a header board to prevent  driver injury due to load shifts.

$390,000 settlement in Arkansas of a construction defect case involving injury with a conveyor.

$375,000 settlement in Tennessee at concrete block factory due to robotic fatal injury of worker who entered work area without locking out the robotic arm that struck him.

$350,000 settlement in Tennessee of an injury involving a tanning bed/product liability, due to lid failure/entrapment in Tennessee.

$350,000 settlement in Arkansas premises/product liability claim involving an amusement ride accident.

$275,000 settlement for injuries to worker inflating a farm implement tire in Tennessee.

$220,000 settlement of a malpractice case.

$180,000 verdict for injuries due to scissor lift accident in cruise missile storage facility at Blytheville AFB.

$175,000 settlement for leg injuries from fall from work platform, due to hydraulic failure of aerial lift truck in Arkansas.

$175,000 product liability settlement for inhalation injuries associated with airbag propellant, sodium azide [rocket fuel] in Tennessee.

$175,000 verdict against manufacturer of jack stand that collapsed, causing minor injuries to mechanic in Tennessee.

$175,000 settlement of hand injury claim in a bakery in Nashville, TN.

$176,000 settlement of suit against subcontractor for back injury due to defective walkway installed by subcontractor.

$170,000 settlement of pedestrian knock-down accident in shopping center parking lot in Shreveport, LA.

$165,000 settlement of hand injury claim in conveyor accident in Memphis bakery.

$150,000 settlement of farm tractor accident in Arkansas.

$130,000 settlement of pedestrian who was struck down by truck, driven by teenager in Arkansas.

$129,000 settlement of Arkansas motor vehicle collision on I-55S.

$100,000 verdict in grain cart accident case involving toe injuries in Arkansas.

$75,000 settlement of dental malpractice claim, involving an impacted wisdom tooth in Arkansas.

$75,000 settlement of a pharmaceutical malpractice case, involving a prescription error in Arkansas.